Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you have a website but can’t get it to rank in Google?

Without traffic your website is wasted, but I bet when you had your site designed they didn’t tell you that designing a website is the easy bit.

Getting a website to rank well is hard, and as the internet matures it is going to get harder still. What you need is someone who will review your site and work with you to implement the changes required to make sure that the search engines love your site; someone who understands the requirements of your business and gets the job done.

I’ve been working as a full time internet marketer since 2002 and prior to that worked at two well known UK Internet Service Providers – I’ve done nothing but work inside internet related companies since 1998.

As well as knowing internet marketing inside out, I also have a Postgradute Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing – depending on which way you look at it I’m an internet marketer with an understanding of marketing fundamentals, or a marketer specialising in internet marketing.

That means I can provide you with a strategy to succeed and advise you on the tactical steps needed to take your business further. Alternatively I can take on the entire project and get your site ranked so you start getting visitors to your site.

I am based in Barcelona, but your business can be based anywhere in the world. If you would like to discuss your current requirements with no obligation then please get in touch. I’d really like to discuss what I can do for your business!

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