That is a really good question. Whereas many in the SEO community until a little over 18 months or so would spend all of their time promoting lousy content, the advent of the Panda and then Penguin updates has blitz all that.

Now the mantra is good content, but perhaps there is a balance between [...]

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What “content marketing” really means and how to do it write and avoid some of the many pitfalls that many online marketers fall into, particularly if they come from a corporate background.

Still I see far too much content that seems to be produced simply for the sake of writing, adding no real content and [...]

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Google has recently rolled out a new feature that allows you to add consumer surveys to your website and view the stats. You can use it to get feedback from your users about how they like your website.

However, remember that what people say and what they actually do can be entirely unrelated.


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