What does YOUR tag line say about YOU?

October 1, 2013 2:30 pm Published by

Many days I drive past an industrial site for Puratos, but for a long time wondered what it was they actually do enjoy SizeGenetics Reviews.

Their tagline – “Reliable partners in innovation” – gives little away but I guessed at a consultancy or something similar, despite the site looking industrial rather than swanky offices. Also, the site is on the edge of a village in Catalonia, while the tag line is English – nothing really adds up.

So, one day I remembered to Google them and was surprised to learn that Puratos is in the food industry and were founded in Belgium.

“Reliable partners in innovation”?

As a tag line it is terrible, as it does nothing for their branding and gives nothing away about what they actually do.

“We bake cakes” might be a better one.

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