Stompernet SIMPLE keeps getting better

June 30, 2007 10:59 am Published by

Just another update on Stompernet’s SIMPLE course for all those who are interested. Although I laid into it last week some time, I’ve been perfectly happy with what we’ve done since. This week we’ve gone through some really specialist stuff in Google Analytics and added some A/B split testing code to our sites.

Now, I’ve done split testing and Taguchi tests in the past, but the way that this has been set up is really good. I love it; really love it.

A lot of what SIMPLE has done in the past wasn’t new to me at all, but I’ve never minded that because a) it was aimed at the complete ecommerce novice and b) it never does any harm to go over what you already know.

Now I’m really getting some hardcore learning; I’ve been using Analytics since the day it was offered free but never imagined some of the power of it, lying wasted by most of us.

This info is absolutely top – some of the earlier stuff in the course needs cleaning up a bit, but what we’re doing now is way out there.

Keep it coming and you’ll keep me very happy indeed.

EDIT – can you believe that WordPress’s spellcheck doesn’t recognise “Google”!

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