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I’m lucky enough to have been given the chance to try StomperNet for 30 days for just $1, pretty good since the normal price is around $800…

…a month!

The idea is to take you through a step by step process forcreating a successful ebusiness in a month and although it keeps being reinforced that the aim is to take us through the process rather than focus on the money it was also mentioned at one point that you should be able to make $1000/month within 90 days.

I do have experience of running ebusinesses, but have never focused much on info products -the focus here – so it’s good to go through the whole process from scratch, remind me what I should be doing that I have maybe forgotten as well as learn some new techniques for promotion and search engine marketing.

Having worked the system over the weekend I’ve gone as far as I can for the time being while everyone else plays catch up, but that’s no problem for me. We’ve been split into teams (or rather we created our own teams), so that nobody works in isolation, ideas can be kicked around and the less experienced members of the teams have always got someone they know to ask for help. Sometimes it can be difficult to know who to turn to for advice, and this alone is a great benefit.

At the end of the 30 day trial we can opt for full membership, or cancel before we pay that first $800. It sounds a lot – it is a lot – but my decision will be based on whether I can get >$800/month value from membership.

When I went in I was sceptical that I would, but for $1 had nothing to lose. But after a few days working StomperNet SIMPLE I’ll reserve judgement. If I do join up then I’ll want to see a pretty fast ROI, but the resources available and access of some of the top people in Internet marketing are fantastic.

It’s certainly worth more than $1, that’s for sure.

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