Adsense arbitrage

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Adsense arbitrage is something I’ve thought about doing in the past but never got around to actually doing. This changed just before Christmas, when I read a report written by Brad Callen regarding a client of his who was making good money from it. Although he didn’t give full details, Brad did at least outline the method and I decided to give it a go.

As I was making a few dollars a day I decided to read up on Adsense Arbitrage a bit more – you can read an excellent explanation of “traditional” Adsense Arbitrage at Graywolf’s SEO Blog.

I decided to explore this a bit more – first I bought Brad’s Keyword Elite software and after some more success decided to go full out and bought Adsense Arbitrage And Leverage by Michael Plante. The book describes the exact process he uses to earn somewhere in the region of $200 per day in profit.

I’ve been applying the model that Mike decribes and I’m happy to say it works beautifully. I’m not at $200 per day yet, but I’ll continue working it and see how far it goes. My feeling is that Google will get wise at some point and clamp down on this, but at the moment Mike’s method is an excellent opportunity, so use it while you can.

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