Welcome to my website, my name is David Leigh and I’ve worked as a freelance internet marketer since 2002.

It was back in the mid 1990s that I was first introduced to the Internet and soon wanted to learn how it all hung together and started to learn how to build webpages.

In those days many people were sceptical of ever being able to sell things online. Look how fast things changed though – it happened really fast; one minute there was nothing to buy and ecommerce was discussed as an abstract concept and then whoooosh! along came Amazon.

After that the budget airlines found they could cut costs by selling their tickets online – before then it was all done through call centres, but today we take it for granted.

I joined one of the big UK Internet Service Providers in 1998, was head hunted to another and then, in 2001, decided to quit my job and set up on my own and since then I’ve relied purely on the internet to earn a living. In that time I’ve been involved in many Internet projects and know how to successfully market online.

The thing is I’ve worked in small companies, I’ve worked in big companies, and I’ve worked for myself; I know the challenges that each situation can offer and can offer solutions to help businesses with their online marketing.

If you’re interested in working with me then please get in contact.